Crushing Goals.

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its great to have dreams and ambitions, but what do they really mean if you don’t put these dreams in motion?

In order to ensure goal success, there are a few steps that we can take.

1. Set your intention.
sit down and ask yourself why you’re doing this. Make sure you know why, and that you’re setting goals for you!

2. Create a vision.
what do you want your life to look like? Who’s with you? What do you do? How do you feel? How does it look? Take some time to really answer these questions. If you’re finding it hard to start your vision, look for inspiration around you and go from there.

3. Set attainable goals.
We’re always told that the sky is the limit, or the world is your oyster, but really…it’s important to keep your goals do-able. If your goals are bold, make a program with smaller goals leading to the final bang.

4. Set a timeline.
In order to stay on track you need to set some deadlines for yourself.

5. Tell the right people.
Sharing your goals with others will help keep you accountable. Make sure you share with people who will elevate your life and goals.

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