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DIY Almond Milk.

What you nee do:
washed, skinless Almonds
Jar or similar container with lid
Coffee filter, cheese cloth or something similar
Vanilla extract or similar flavour

What you need to do:

Measure 1 cup of almonds
Measure 5 cups of water

Combine nuts and water  in jar and leave for a minimum of 8 hours


After the nuts soaked, I rinsed them and blended them with 5 cups of water until smooth and milky. As I blended the nuts I kept adding small amounts of water until I got the texture I wanted 🙂

I used a coffee filter under the rim of a mason jar and let the milk drip through leaving the pulp in the filter. Once it had all dripped through I added some vanilla to taste and shook the jar to combine.

I’ll be honest this was a little messy and time consuming… I emptied the pulp from the filter a couple times. I also poked a couple holes in the coffee filter with a tooth pick and it sped up the process a little 🙂
Either way I got some delicious home made almond milk with pretty low effort 🙂 If you know of a better way to filter the milk I’d love to hear it! From my readings there is really no ‘best’ way to do this…hah, just follow the path of least resistance.


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  1. Be neat to try 🙂

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