5 tips for meal prepping 

We all cringe when we hear ‘meal prep’ but it doesn’t have to be too bad. 

1. Grocery lists. This part is the worst but you only really have to do it once. I will allow myself to waste a bit of time on Pinterest mostly looking for sauces haha. A good sauce makes a boring meal awesome. But be strategic. Melons and other large fruit are great, or fruit that comes in baskets…this makes it easy to throw in your containers for the week. 

2. Cook strategically. Work smarter not harder. It’s easy to tag your family into your healthy choices. My crockpot is my BEST friend. Utilize your crockpot. All I one oven trays are great too (see my burrito bowl recipe) where you cook chicken (or your choice of meat) and Veges in one yummy tray. Don’t be afraid to eat simple. There’s nothing wrong with slices of turkey or chicken and some nuts. Salads are great too…add some meat, nuts, fruit and a delish vinaigrette, voila! 

3. Keep it simple. I have shamefully browsed Pinterest for hours looking for new and interesting recipes. How many times have I used them? Probably once. 

Keep it simple. Let’s say it together…

Keep it simple. 

4. Have accountability. If you have a hard time (like everyone does) maintaining your meal prep, make sure you have someone to support you. If you’d like an accountability group, get at me HERE .

5. Don’t beat yourself up. We all have hard days, or even hard weeks. If you find that you fall off the wagon a little, that’s ok! Get back at it and keep going 🙂  

So those are my best tips for meal prep…to get started follow this checklist 😊

-do some research (get some inspo…but no longer than 30-45 min)

-make a grocery list

-grocery shop (don’t get distracted in there 😉)

-if you have the room…lay it all out and go by categories (if you’re using the crockpot/oven/pan prep that first so you can do other prep while its cooking) 


-organize your days (I stack them by days but you can bag them)

If you want more info… Check out the Beachbody Blog 

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