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With the new year starting, I LOVE reflecting on the past years adventures šŸ™‚

Our year has been SO full. We’ve spent it exploring with new friends and old friends. We’ve embraced new places, celebrated our marriage, new jobs and the expansion of our family. As you all know, I LOVE British Columbia, this place is amazing. It was a hard choice but I picked a handful of my favourite adventures to recap and share šŸ™‚ I hope you fit a few of these places into your 2017 bucket list. In no specific order…

1. Mount Cheam.

This iconic Fraser Valley hike has been on my list for a LONG time. There are mixed reviews on the difficulty level of the drive in and it has always deterred me. If you hear the rumour that wheeling rigs have almost flipped off the edge, don’t listen. The drive in is long but beautiful. Starting on Chilliwack Rd. the FSR takes you deep into the forest, offering amazing mountain views. We camped at Spoon lake in the lower bowl, and hit the summit for sunset. I highly recommend this in the summer. The hike from the bowl is steep but thankfully only around an hour and a half. Bring the camera and some wobbly pops (and I guess a coat), once you’re at the top you’re met with STUNNING views of the

Lower Mainland all the way to the ocean. You’re also get views of the local mountains. It was a little windy at the top SO dress warm (even in the summer).

2. Williamson lake.

This little hike has also been on my list for a while. There are a couple summit options from the lake (which we ran out of time to do) but the lake is worth the time šŸ˜Š. The drive in takes some time, coming from Chilliwack lake Rd. the FSR carries on for a while. The hike is short and steep, leading straight up through the forest and into a clearing. Once you’re out of the forest you get beautiful views of the local mountains. I’ve seen photos of a waterfall up here, we missed it unfortunately but between the waterfall and the summit, we’ve got good reason to go back soon.


3. Powell River & Savary Island.

The beautiful ladies in my wedding party planned an amazing weekend away in Powell River and on Savary Island. This area has been on my list for a while and I’m so happy I got to share it with these babes. The drive along the coast is lovely, with two short ferry rides. I honestly can’t say I remember how long it took us from Horseshoe bay, maybe 4 hours? It makes for a fun road trip! We spent the weekend camping, kayaking, boating, swimming and celebrating šŸŽ‰šŸ¾. This area offers stunning lakes, salty ocean, beautiful forests and Savary…the tropics of the north.


4. Wells Gray Provincial Park.

this park is huge located between Valemont and Quesnel,near Clearwater. There are multiple entrances and features to the park and we explored only one small portion. We opted for the ‘waterfall tour’ featuring four stunning falls in one day. We had to visit the popular Helmcken falls, followed by Dawson falls, Moul falls and Spahats Creek falls. I have to say my favourite waterfall was Moul falls. If you follow the trail to the bottom of the falls, you can continue on behind the falls. The spray and wind from the falls is enough to take your breath away (literally).

5. Statlu lake.

This has quickly become one of my favourite hikes. We’ve done it three times this year, in three different seasons. I enjoyed paddling the lake in the spring, swimming in it in the summer and trekking through snow in winter. Every time so beautiful and different. This one requires a bit of driving up the west side of Harrison along a couple different FSR’s. There are two different options for parking which makes it an appealing lake to paddle on. If you take the second parking lot your hike time is less than an hour to the lake.

6. Vedder River float.

not a hike but a very Chilliwack thing to do in the summer. We spent some great times floating on the river this summer; the perfect way to get cool on a hot day (unless you’re a wimp like me who has to wear a wet suit).

7. Elk mountain.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve done this one but it’s always great. Due to its proximity to our house and shorter hiking time it’s always a great hike for visiting friends and sunsets šŸ™‚ we drive to the upper parking lot, making this an hour or so long steep hike with awesome views of the lower mainland and mount baker.

8. Molybdenite Ridge.

This was our second overland trip with our Jeep. Nic had been reading up on it for a while and I wasn’t going to argue a weekend in the mountains šŸ˜‹ We drove through the mountains to the Lytton reaction ferry which took us across the Fraser River and into the Stein Valley to Lillooet. In a blink the landscape changed from luck forest to tumbleweeds and dust and HOT. It was almost too hot to get out of the car. Once on the FSR we drove through pine forests, and what looked like the moon. In this trip we drove to the summit and back down to the lake for camping.

I’ve made a video here

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