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hey everyone!

As you all know by now, I’m halfway through my baby growing adventure and my heart couldn’t be more full. I have had a WONDERFUL pregnancy so far with minimal symptoms and lots of activity.

My husband works out of town and we’ve been playing the ‘trying, not trying’ game for a while. As you can imagine, the timing is a little tricky when you’re apart half the year, but, this past fall all the stars aligned and we made a baby!

img_2603We waited the three months to tell our friends and family and I’m so excited to share this experience 🙂

A bit about me. I am a personal trainer and have always put great importance on my health and wellness. What you put into your body you get out of your body. Treat it like shit, it’s going to return the favour.  Our healthy lifestyle makes a healthy pregnancy an easy transition. I’ve managed with minimal morning sickness and no cravings beyond oranges 🍊. Although this transition has been relatively easy for me, I understand the amazing changes my body is going through and am excited to share this with you!

There are minimal resources for pregnant women and new moms in my community and I’m so excited to share what I learn with you! As a part of my continuing education and personal growth, I am SO SO excited to take pre and post natal classes. I am passionate about women’s health and fitness and this is such an important aspect.

Feel free to reach out to me and ask any questions you may have! I’ll be sharing what I learn in my courses as we go. I also hope to share pregnancy safe workouts as well as post natal workouts to help that bod bounce back.



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