Blog Fails & Pregnancy Update

If you know me you know I start things with the best of intentions. You also know that sometimes I shit the bed, blogging is one of those things. I’m not a natural personal ‘sharer’ which I think is part of my issue, but on the flip side I love to learn and connect. 

I started my mommy blog as a personal diary through my pregnancy and with hopes of sharing some struggle and learnings as I go. My absence is not due to there being no struggle or learning, I just forget 😂

My pregnancy is speeding along, I’m at 25 weeks now. That means only 15 weeks left which BLOWS my mind. I redid the math on a calculator because I really didn’t believe my mom brain was doing the math properly. But that is real. And really exciting. 

I’ve been pretty fortunate in that my only real symptoms are outrageous heartburn and elevated RLS episodes. Other than that baby M is healthy and happy inside. I’ve been trying everything to reduce my RLS symptoms which I will be blogging about hopefully this weekend. I think I am finally seeing some positive results 😊 As for heartburn….I always read about moms popping tums, (real talk alert) but nobody mentions how constipation you end up if you go that route 😂 SO I’ve been trying some natural solutions in hopes of some better results. 

There are SO many things to be read about pregnancy on the internet, it takes a lot of time to really figure out what works best for your own body. 

Anyone, I am currently getting kicked out of the tub to go to a movie with Nic, so that’ll be the end of my update. I will be sharing soon about some healthy ways to reduce some symptoms of RLS and heartburn


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