My Favourite Kid Friendly Hikes in the Valley


In an attempt to prep my body for alpine hikes with Maddox, I’ve been dabbling in shorter hikes to condition my body. Here are some of my favourite kid friendly hikes in and around the valley! I tried to compile some great beginner hikes to help inspire you to take your kids outside this summer.

Kids are meant to be outside. Let them explore, get dirty, play and be creative šŸ’ššŸ’š

Mt. Thom

There are a few access points for this one.

From Churchill Parkway this hike is around 15 minutes up. Easy peasy. It’s a short, well travelled trail up the back side of mount Thom.

From Ross Rd. This hike is around 30-45 minutes. It meets up with the regular trail around the 3/4 mark.

Sylvan Dr. Is basically the full deal. This took me around 1.25 hrs while I was pregnant. I believe it’s around 5km round trip.

They all meet at the top for stunning views šŸ˜

Community Forest šŸŒ²šŸŒ²

There are hoards of trails in this park and they are beauuutiful! I can comment on the Pixel (?) Trail..shamefully I forget the name despite seeing it around 7 times on signs. I’m close enough you’ll get on the right trail. This is a 1.5 km loop with a couple great side trails!

The only downside is the shared trails, be mindful off mountain bikers and off leash dogs.

Lindeman Lake

Classic. This trail has some steep sections but tons of rocks for jumping šŸ˜‰ it is a short hike (we’re under an hour to the lake) and worth the bit of sweat. You have the option to walk an additional 15 minutes past the main beach to a more private area on the rocks. This is our favourite spot for jumping in and swimming!

Bosumarne Falls

This quick 1.5 km hike goes through an old cut block up Chilliwack Lake rd. It winds into the forest after around 15 minutes passing a tee pee, the lower falls and lush greenery. The upper falls are a perfect place to cool off or have a snack.

Flood Hope Falls

A little outside of Chilliwack but one of my favourite quickie waterfalls. We’ve done it a lot lately. This takes around 20 minutes each way! The forest is SO lush and green…its beautiful!

Bridal falls

Another quick set of falls. We usually do these on the way home from Flood Hope Falls! The Woodland trail is around 20 minutes to the viewing platform. Another 5 – 10 with kids if you want to get right to the falls for a shower šŸ˜‰

Steelhead Falls

This hike is in Mission! It is approximately 20 minutes each way with the opportunity to lengthen on the Reservoir trail. We are SO lucky to get to enjoy the beautiful rainforest in so many areas šŸ˜

If you click the link above ignore the ‘closed’ its now open šŸ™‚

Golden Ears Lower Falls

This is a MR classic. This hike takes an hour each way and has some gentle rolling hills. It walks along the river offering amazing mountain views on route to the falls. The dense canopy cover makes this a cooler option on hot days!

Hozomeen lake

Ok this one is longer but 100% worth it. I’m hoping to return this year. Last time we went I mistook miles for kilometers and we were under prepared and racing against daylight šŸ˜‚ oops. So its 12 km total with minimal elevation gain. The trailhead is located in the Skagit Valley near the border! You can find the trail report HERE.

Falls Lake

This one is up the Coquihalla. It’s a great stop to stretch your legs or go for a swim! It’s 3km round trip so it doesn’t take much time and is perfect for small kids!

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