A Few Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight…

I get asked this question all the time….I’m working out all the time, eating clean but not losing weight.

There are so many different answers / responses to this.

First and foremost, I really like to encourage you guys to get over tracking weight. It is just a number. Two people can weight 150lbs and one be healthy as broccoli and the other completely unhealthy. It is just a number. The focus should be on feeling GOOD in your skin, feeling strong, capable, energetic, happy & healthy.

For the sake of comparison, I’ve added 4 photos from different weights of my own. The first is a week ppd at my heaviest but still healthy (healthier than photo #3) and duh…I just had a baby 😂 so there are still fluids/water retention/pregnancy weight gain there. The second is now, my ‘goal weight’ post partum and healthiest/strongest. The third is 130 lbs but nowhere near the same muscle as the 4th photo. My weight was the same but you can see how different my body composition is. Weight is just a number.

1. Everyone’s body is different. The less fat you have to lose, the harder you usually have to work. We all respond differently to different types of exercise and it can be a bit of a game to figure out what works best for you!

2. Your weight may stay the same but your body composition is changing. This means your fat percentage may be dropping, your hydration may be changing and you could be gaining muscle. Those can all change drastically with minimal change in weight.

3. Eat enough facking food. I cannot tell you how many times I do the math and discover really crazy deficits in people’s diets. If you are not eating enough, your body bumps into starvation mode, your metabolism slows down to preserve energy….it’s not good. You’ll feel like you have less energy, your muscle won’t grow effectively and you’ll often hold weight. Eat your food! If you’re a squirly eater like me, sometimes picking higher calorie foods (usually healthy fats for me) helps keep you feeling full longer without stuffing your face with large quantities. Along with this, drink your water. Dehydration can cause water retention.

If you’re curious about how many calories you should be eating and what portions of fat/carb/protein you should eat, let me know 😊😊

4. Workout smarter not harder. How you burn calories during workouts is based on your intensity. For me, quick bursts into my peak cardio aka high intensity interval training is most efficient for me. Make sure you are pushing yourself every time you work out….if you’re on your own or in a class…make sure you give yourself the push into uncomfortable. If you need support getting there, let me know 🙋 Im here for you ❤ You dont need to spend hoards of time in the gym. (That’s why I like classes 😉), 30-60 minutes is all you need for general health, fat loss etc.

5. Check into any health ailments that might be limiting you. Also look into any medications you are taking. If you’ve checked all the boxes and still nothing, there might be something else going on ❤

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