Shaking Off Negative Energy

We’ve all had those shitty interactions that leave you hot with rage, yelling at yourself in the car or shaking your head. I recently had a terrible interaction with a vendor that left me feeling angry, upset and annoyed. Not only was the encounter unprofessional it left me feeling like shit…it ruined an entire morning (because I let it). I had to interact with this person the following day. It started to bother me, but I wasn’t letting it ruin another morning, this time I shook it off. I should have done that the first time, it wasn’t worth draining my energy the first time.

It’s always so much easier to say you’ll act a certain way than it is to do it. I am typically great at pushing away the negative but struggled with it this time. I blame the pregnancy hormones these days for making me work harder 😉

So I’m going to share some of my best practices for clearing the negativity out of your mind and body!

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1. Pep talk. I literally slap my cheek and say ‘you got this’….because I do. It might take a bit of time and work, but it’ll clear.

2. I vent. Whether it’s to my husband or a friend, I let them know I’m having a bad morning/time and that I just need a space to vent for a few minutes. I let myself share the anger, frustration….all the feels in one giant rant covering everything that made me ____ about the situation. I allow for 5 minutes max, minimal engagement (lol), I let them know I’m done and say thank you.

3. Smile!! This is called behavioural activation. I’m going to share an article that explains this below because it’s SUPER interesting but essentially, when you smile, you are activating parts of your brain associated with positive emotions. The movements you make on your face can affect the signals you send to your brain. Amazing. You might at well do some laughing while you’re at it 😉 You can read the article HERE !

4. Cleanse. I use a spray mister with an uplifting scent to spray all around me, I inhale deeply, tighten my whole body and literally, physically shake it off. Wiggle the negativity from your core out your fingers, toes and mouth 🙂 Don’t be afraid to make a little noise, it seriously feels good.

5. Still nothing? Try a form of meditation. Listen to your body and follow what feels good. Sometimes it’s silencing the negative thoughts, anger etc. and focusing on calm and breath. Other times I go hiking.

It happens to the best of us, I feel the older and wiser I get 😉 the less patience I have for poor communication, negativity, and a lack of accountability. Nobody’s got time for that shit. But, at the same time, patience or not it’s all around me and never something we can escape. It’s important to understand how your brain works, and how you can go from 🙁🙄😭🤬 ➡️😁😆🤗😊. (I’m hoping you can see my emojis).

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