Packing Your Hospital Bag!

What’s in your hospital bag? This is one of the exciting parts of preparing for your new addition. It means it’s almost time!

I always see this question online and intended on blogging it for Maddox. My pregnancy came to an unexpected halt and I packed my back 30 minutes before driving to the hospital…oops! This time, I’m a little more on top of it.

It’s like packing for vacation, always hard to plan for the unknown. Ideally, we all want to plan for a few comfort items for the afternoon or an overnight in the hospital. Based on my last experience, this doesn’t always work and you need to be comfortable up to a few nights.

When I packed my bag this time, I asked myself a few different question.

What am I packing for? I am packing for a breech delivery that may end up in a c section, which could leave me in the hospital for a couple nights.

What do I need to deliver comfortably and what will keep me focused?

Calm spray/lavender spray

• Enough Pillows

• Iced water

• Slippers if I need to walk around

• Tissues (I bring my own, hospital ones are so rough).

• Scrunchie

Lip balm

• Cup with a lid and straw. I use my Starbucks cold tumbler 🙂

Other suggestions are a ball, music (I might try music this time) TENS machine, personal belongings/items, picture for meditation/breathing.

What do I need to get a good nights sleep?

• My own pillow

• Fuzzy blanket

• Eye mask

• Essential Oils

• Water bottle for cold water (I’m weirdly temperature specific)

What do I need post delivery?

• Shower items (soap, shampoo, sandles, cloth)

• Hair dryer, moisturizer, toothbrush, chapstick, perineal healing spray.

• Iced water, electrolytes, food!

• Clean clothes (dresses/rompers/high rise or maturnity tights work best for me)

• PJs with a button down front for easy nursing

• Socks, nursing bra, comfortable panties (I didn’t need more than a regular pad last time so regular panties worked perfect. I liked full bum, seamless). You will get the lovely hospital mesh ones. Use them! They’re great when needed 💗

• TOILET PAPER. Seriously, you don’t need to share with everyone but your yoohoo will thank you after a vaginal delivery.

• Nipple shield. There’s mixed thoughts on these but I found they saved me while we were learning. Last time, my milk didn’t come in right away but we still practiced latching and encouraged it to come.

What I discovered last time was getting clean/freshened up and being comfortable made a HUGE difference for me. I made sure to maintain as close to my regular routine as possible so that even when things are burning, throbbing, over all uncomfortable I felt good in my skin 🙂

Everyone is always different when it comes to lists like this. I think the most important part is to ask yourself a few questions to guide your packing and then to write down the items.

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