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Post Partum Fitness & Recovery

You asked and I’m sharing!

I get a lot of questions about my post partum body routine. Everyone’s body is different and handles post partum different but we can all feel good…that doesn’t have to be different ❀

I love pregnancy and I love what our bodies are capable of. I think that it is most important to start with loving where you’re at FIRST. I’m not going to get into this because you can read my point on post partum positivity in a different post.

I want this post to be about my post partum process aka how I get my 6 pack back ASAP haha.

This collage shows the day I found out I was pregnant with my second, 1 week post partum and 5 weeks post partum.

1. Before pregnancy….

If you remember me before my second pregnancy, I started it STRONG. I was in the best shape of my life. This made a huge difference with both pregnancies. I had a strong foundation. This doesn’t just mean good aesthetics. It means I had a strong foundation for my health/fitness….my cardio was at it’s best, I had an athletic body composition, clean diet and solid fitness routine. Having a healthy routine makes it easier to keep consistent through pregnancy. It helps you make good choices throughout because you’ve already made a habit of it.

2. During pregnancy….

Exercise and eat balanced. Pregnancy fitness is for maintenance. You’re goal is to stay healthy and pump your body full of lots of oxygen and to keep you strong! Make sure you eat right. I firmly believe our cravings are the result of sugar addiction (lol) and nutritional deficiencies. If you’re craving fast food, you might be low on fats or salt. You don’t need to eat perfect, but like a regular diet eat balanced. One fast food night, sure. Every night because ‘that’s what baby wants’ is a no-no. Baby doesn’t want garbage.

So that’s the quickest run down of pre baby and pregnancy care, if you are pregnant or are wanting to get pregnant and would like more information feel free to reach out to me.

3. Post partum…

This is a whirlwind of excitement, snuggles and no sleep. It’s hard to prioritize working out. It’s hard to always eat a good meal. I get it. I make it a priority to care for myself and if you’re not…you need to also 😚 These are a few tips from my experience which have helped me stay healthy after pregnancies.

  • Meal prep so you’re eating well. Prep snacks, have protein powder handy…it’s a game changer. Especially if you’re breastfeeding, it is crucial to keep your calories up. For snacks I prep raw veges, protein shakes/smoothies, yogurt bowls (frozen fruit and granola), selective fruits, trail mix, granola bars.
  • Drink so much water
  • Set goals. Are you focused on gaining/losing weight? Rebuilding your core or pelvic floor? Improving overall wellness? Whatever it is, set specific goals and remain committed to your why.
  • Exercise. Commit to 3x/week. 30 minutes each session and you’ll notice a difference.
  • Stay as active as you can. This can be hard but I keep up with all my house and yard work. I also make an effort to get at least 10k steps in each day.
  • Tightening serum. I use an oil serum on my stomach and hips to help reduce water retention, and to help tighten my skin again (this is achieved through collagen or collagen like properties). You can see it in my shop
  • Focus on yourself. Focus on your mind. Focus on something you like and something you enjoy. I focus on growing my glutes and legs instead of dropping weight in my tummy. I also focus on improving my cardio again. πŸ™‚
  • Diet. Pick something around 80/20 for balance and clean eating.
  • Tan. I get a tan. It makes me feel better. Whether it’s a spray, at home or in a bed…I always love a little glow and it makes me feel good!
  • Get naked and put work into loving it. I know you probably just laughed and told me to f*ck off but seriously. Do some skin to skin with your baby. Wear your underwear or bra and just get used to being in your skin. Trust me…eventually it works <3 Your kids love you and your body, your partner does so why wouldn’t you?
  • Sweat band…I’ve been using this around tummy very regularly. It’s found my waist again and definitely helped move the fluids out of my tummy faster. I would recommend one of these. Sweet Sweat makes a great one, available on Amazon!

That’s it! There isn’t much to my process but it has worked for 2 pregnancies and worked well post partum for both of my kids. It is important to remember to care for yourself along with your family. Make it a priority to care for yourself. I really can’t say that enough. Care for yourself before pregnancy, during and after. You deserve to feel good. It matters what you put into your body and it matters if you use it or not so choose to make good choices. I don’t follow any diets, I don’t restrict my eating beyond choosing healthy with a little bit of yes. I try to follow as close to the 80/20 rule, 80% good, whole and healthy and 20% pizza, cake and donuts.

I always feel funny sharing personal progress, especially post partum. This can be a tricky time. One thing to remember is not to compare yourself to others. We all have different goals, bodies and different experiences. It’s important to love where you are at and to make sure you are working towards your goals, not someone else’s. 😊

My favourite post partum goal is strength. You’ve just carried and birthed a beautiful baby. You are a strong woman. I like to lean into this and continue feeling strong and powerful. πŸ’ͺ🏼 For me, this means focusing on building muscle and weight lifting. Provided you are doing this effectively, your body will be burning calories while gaining muscle.

Now, I get that not everyone is reading this 4 weeks after having a baby. Is your youngest 3, 4 or 5 years old now? You’re not alone. I know too many women that don’t give themselves the time to care for their bodies post partum. That’s ok, start now. Commit to yourself now.

What are you working on post partum?

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Post Partum Positivity

Carrying babies is seriously amazing right? It comes with a whirlwind of highs, lows and changes. Some changes are controllable and some, not so much. This means as women and as moms, we need to be able to acknowledge the changes in our lives and bodies and find the best way to be happy about it.

It means not comparing yourself to Sally. Sally has different priorities. A different body. Different kids. A different home. It means learning to love where YOU are at. It means loving the process and appreciating what your body has created.

For most of us, finding post partum happiness, means deciding what bring you the most joy and prioritizing that. What makes you feel like your best self and sacrificing A because B brings us more joy. You might be a superhero and have it figured out with no sacrifice and that is AMAZING. I am SO proud of you. With one baby, I felt like I had everything 100% how I needed it without sacrifice. With 2 kids, I had some bad days and decided I needed to let shit go. I needed to make some sacrifices. So I did and I’m happy. Not every day goes well…honestly most are still a sleepless shit show while we all adjust to the change. But I choose happy. I choose what serves us best in that moment, for that day.

For me….that’s letting go of a spotless house for me time and workouts. I don’t nap when my kids nap. I workout. I shower. I sit in silence with a glass of wine and yes, sometimes…I clean. It also meant letting go of being the ‘perfect’ mom. I’ve now been caught with a screaming toddler dangling from my hand and a newborn in my arms….in public. I’ve now said fuck it and left events after meltdowns because seriously….fuck it, it’s not serving anyone in that moment πŸ˜‚ We’ve stayed in PJs all day because it just wasn’t happening. I’ve cried on the floor in the middle of the day because everything went to shit that morning and it wasn’t even 1030am. It allowed me to laugh at my self that evening. I’ve opened a bottle of wine before noon. I’ve used YouTube to entertain my little monster because I couldn’t do another 5 minutes in the car being yelled at. At the end of the day….I ‘caved’ and did so many things I never planned because in that moment…it helped my day and prevented me from feeling depressed, angry, frustrated etc. In that moment I chose to go for happy, not even for myself but for all of us. It helps me be patient with my kids. It helps me laugh off the bullshit.

So…how do you choose happy?

Prioritize what’s important to you. Stick with those points. Let go of the rest.

For me… (really in no specific order but my personal priorities first, mom second)

  • Fitness/feeling strong and good in my skin/self care
  • Alone time
  • Caring for/loving on my hubby
  • Getting outside
  • Being organized

Mom priorities:

  • My kids are hugged/kissed/feeling loved the shit out of
  • Healthy meals
  • Routine
  • Socializing/activities/exercise
  • Fun fun fun and development

Wife priorities:

  • My husband feels loved and cared for
  • When he’s home/working his lunches are made, his dinner is hot when he gets home
  • His needs are met πŸ˜‰
  • We have fun together

I seriously think those are all my priorities. Nothing outside of that matters on a bad/hard day. Having this list allows me to focus on what I CAN do…even when I’m having a hard, shit day…this list is always attainable and is always met.

On good days, which happen pretty often, everything gets done. The house is clean, laundry is done, yard is cared for etc.. Having a plan for shit days makes all the difference to me. It helps make my shit days good, even though it felt like everything went wrong, I still cared for everyone, including myself and that is something to be proud of and happy for. Don’t neglect yourself. You deserve to feel good. Your family will feel it when your cup is empty. Fill that cup right up every day.

I get rid of things that don’t motivate me, encourage me or elevate me. It’s not worth it. It leaves you prone to wasting time and feeling bad because it didn’t happen today, or yesterday.

This also means you need to hold yourself accountable to your priorities. Hold yourself to what is important to you and make sure it happens when it is supposed to. You CAN do it and you’ll feel like shit if you don’t so set yourself up for success and JUST DOOO IT. Don’t blame your hormones or being ‘too busy’ because you can choose happy and you are in control of your to do list and priorities. You can override your hormones (I do it often right now) and you are in control of your body and mind. 🌹❀

Life is a marathon and you cannot win a marathon without putting some bandaids on your nipples. Bandaid up you beautiful babes πŸ‘ŠπŸΌβ€πŸ˜‚πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

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Our Perfect Breech Delivery Story

I couldn’t have imagined my pregnancy and delivery being SO different, 18 months apart. My pregnancy with Maddox was perfection from start to finish. My first delivery was fast and exactly to ‘plan.’ There was no guessing, no questioning, just calm simplicity. I LOVE that I am able to carry babies and being me… was persistent on a natural, vaginal delivery which was made possible by a perfectly cooperative boy.

As soon as I discovered I was pregnant the second time, I knew it was a girl. I had 17 weeks of all day nausea and vomiting followed by migraines, more nausea, anemia, headaches/migraines, restless legs, back pain, insomnia and overall wild discomfort. To follow my first pregnancy, I was persistent and planning on/hoping for a nice, calm, easy going vaginal delivery again. At 35 weeks, I found out Penelope was full breech and stubborn. I tried almost everything in the books to flip this girl with no change. We tried all the circuits and exercises. I practically lived upside down for the last month of my pregnancy. We tried lights, music, acupuncture and an unsuccessful ECV. I prayed to the gods, the universe and anyone listening for her to please flip and get ready. My last ditch effort was meditation. I ‘gave up’ and released my control. I asked P to show me what she needed and to help me create a plan in her best interest. This gave me the most peace I had had in weeks. I was now ready. I felt confident in her safety. I felt confident in my strength no matter the outcome.

My doctor knew the importance of a vaginal delivery, if safe for Penelope. He connected me with multiple OBGYNs in hopes of finding someone who can assist me in the delivery. The first doctor booked a cesarean for January 14th. We sat on this appointment for a week but as it got closer it felt more and more ‘wrong.’ It just wasn’t what I felt she wanted or I needed. I reached out to my GP and he booked me with another OBGYN. It took a couple tries but I found someone who’s birth plan aligned perfectly with mine, without prompting. He explained the risks and statistics associated with a breech delivery. Unfortunately these deliveries are rare today which means statistic sample sizes are limited. SO we also weighed pros and cons. In order for a breech delivery to be successful, there is specific criteria that needs to be met. Baby needs to be around 7-9lbs, full breech with a tucked head and lots of amniotic fluid. Mama (ideally) needs to be on her second vaginal delivery. Due to my first delivery, we knew this one would be quick and we assumed she wouldn’t delay in my pelvis. We monitored the last week and a half of my pregnancy closer and she checked all the boxes making us perfect candidates for the delivery. The OBGYN was in full support and confident in me waiting and delivering vaginally. This was SO important, his knowledge, education and confidence was all I needed to feel SO good about this option.

With everyone on board, we played hurry up and wait for my water to break. As we approached 40 weeks, I saw my OBGYN to discuss options if my water didn’t break. (Really we discussed when to book a cesarean). We also decided to do a sweep that day to encourage labour. This took about 10 minutes to work. Contractions began as soon as I walked out of the office and got in the truck. I went home and we waited. Due to her position, contractions were in my pelvis, not my abdomen like expected. I contracted through the night every 10 minutes or so and into Tuesday morning. I contracted through the morning and knew this was the day! Things began to progress around noon so I decided to shower and get ready to go. During my shower I contracted 5 times in 20 minutes. They were coming faster and stronger but still no water breaking. I did some last minute research and discovered they may have to break my water at the hospital. Due to her position, we assumed there wasn’t enough pressure low enough to break it on it’s own. We decided to call the doctor and go. By the time we left the house, contractions were 2-4 minutes apart and intensifying. We live an hour from the hospital so it was quite a drive to say the least haha

We made it to Northfield Rd in Nanaimo, around 10 minutes of lights and traffic to get to the hospital. At a very busy red light, I got the urge to push. If you’ve had babies, you know this means it’s time. I squeezed alllll my muscles the opposite direction to hug her in and fight the urge. I called the doctor to meet us right away as I knew this was it! We pulled some sketchy moves and got to the hospital in time.

I was quickly checked in and prepped by the support staff for delivery. I was fully dialated and ready to go upon arrival. This was around 330/4pm. We were long past the point of any medication and I am uninterested in an epidural so that was that. Contractions were steady with minimal or no break and all in my pelvis. My water still hadn’t broken so I began to push in hopes of bursting the sac. It worked! I managed to push P low enough to burst the sac. It didn’t take long for her to drop and (I haven’t looked at the photos yet) begin to drop her feet earth side. (Yes you read that right….there are photos of feet….just feet, dangling). We let her take her time and drop further into my pelvis before bearing down and pushing. I pushed for 15-20 minutes allowing her to slowly make her way. She did. She progressed beautifully on her own with a little encouraging. It was just that fast, we had our baby girl earth side and HEALTHY. She dropped both feet, I felt her shoulders ‘pop’ and her head followed effortlessly. Penelope had no complications and a perfectly round head πŸ˜‰

Now having a breech delivery and ‘normal’ delivery, I have to admit this one felt better (LOL). Experiencing feet, hips, shoulders and lastly head made for a smoother transition and gave my body a better chance of adjusting and stretching. I never felt the same amount of pain as I did with Maddox. My contractions and urge to push came from my pelvis as apposed to my whole abdomin like my last delivery. The urge to push felt like a strong urge to pee. It was a very isolated feeling and required a conscious choice to use my whole core to push. Definitely different πŸ™‚

I am recovered, feeling amazing and Penelope is perfection. I am in full gratitude to my doctors and hospital staff for supporting my beautiful breech delivery. With their support and shared vision, I avoided a cesarean and had a completely natural, vaginal, breech delivery. It took multiple consultations, half a dozen ultrasounds and a little stress and worry but we made it happen.

I hope this beautiful experience encourages you to SHARE IT because these deliveries are rare. I hope it encourages expecting mamas to explore their options. If a vaginal delivery is important to you, explore your options, there is so much possibility you may be missing.

No, not every breech story ends this way, I knew that but if your end result is the same whether you plan on a cesarean or plan to wait it out, why not wait it out? For me, it was important to try. My OBGYN was comfortable letting me go full term which allowed Penelope and my body the time it needed to begin labour instead of booking a cesarean without that chance. Having the right support staff made all the difference. They weren’t uncertain or worried or even skeptical. They were confident in my delivery and confident in a rushed c-section if she didn’t transition through my pelvis fast enough.

I learnt so much through my research and consultations. If you have questions or need support, please reach out to me. I know how stressful and wearing this decision can be πŸ’–πŸ’–

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Packing Your Hospital Bag!

What’s in your hospital bag? This is one of the exciting parts of preparing for your new addition. It means it’s almost time!

I always see this question online and intended on blogging it for Maddox. My pregnancy came to an unexpected halt and I packed my back 30 minutes before driving to the hospital…oops! This time, I’m a little more on top of it.

It’s like packing for vacation, always hard to plan for the unknown. Ideally, we all want to plan for a few comfort items for the afternoon or an overnight in the hospital. Based on my last experience, this doesn’t always work and you need to be comfortable up to a few nights.

When I packed my bag this time, I asked myself a few different question.

What am I packing for? I am packing for a breech delivery that may end up in a c section, which could leave me in the hospital for a couple nights.

What do I need to deliver comfortably and what will keep me focused?

β€’ Calm spray/lavender spray

β€’ Enough Pillows

β€’ Iced water

β€’ Slippers if I need to walk around

β€’ Tissues (I bring my own, hospital ones are so rough).

β€’ Scrunchie

β€’ Lip balm

β€’ Cup with a lid and straw. I use my Starbucks cold tumbler πŸ™‚

Other suggestions are a ball, music (I might try music this time) TENS machine, personal belongings/items, picture for meditation/breathing.

What do I need to get a good nights sleep?

β€’ My own pillow

β€’ Fuzzy blanket

β€’ Eye mask

β€’ Essential Oils

β€’ Water bottle for cold water (I’m weirdly temperature specific)

What do I need post delivery?

β€’ Shower items (soap, shampoo, sandles, cloth)

β€’ Hair dryer, moisturizer, toothbrush, chapstick, perineal healing spray.

β€’ Iced water, electrolytes, food!

β€’ Clean clothes (dresses/rompers/high rise or maturnity tights work best for me)

β€’ PJs with a button down front for easy nursing

β€’ Socks, nursing bra, comfortable panties (I didn’t need more than a regular pad last time so regular panties worked perfect. I liked full bum, seamless). You will get the lovely hospital mesh ones. Use them! They’re great when needed πŸ’—

β€’ TOILET PAPER. Seriously, you don’t need to share with everyone but your yoohoo will thank you after a vaginal delivery.

β€’ Nipple shield. There’s mixed thoughts on these but I found they saved me while we were learning. Last time, my milk didn’t come in right away but we still practiced latching and encouraged it to come.

What I discovered last time was getting clean/freshened up and being comfortable made a HUGE difference for me. I made sure to maintain as close to my regular routine as possible so that even when things are burning, throbbing, over all uncomfortable I felt good in my skin πŸ™‚

Everyone is always different when it comes to lists like this. I think the most important part is to ask yourself a few questions to guide your packing and then to write down the items.

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Shaking Off Negative Energy

We’ve all had those shitty interactions that leave you hot with rage, yelling at yourself in the car or shaking your head. I recently had a terrible interaction with a vendor that left me feeling angry, upset and annoyed. Not only was the encounter unprofessional it left me feeling like shit…it ruined an entire morning (because I let it). I had to interact with this person the following day. It started to bother me, but I wasn’t letting it ruin another morning, this time I shook it off. I should have done that the first time, it wasn’t worth draining my energy the first time.

It’s always so much easier to say you’ll act a certain way than it is to do it. I am typically great at pushing away the negative but struggled with it this time. I blame the pregnancy hormones these days for making me work harder πŸ˜‰

So I’m going to share some of my best practices for clearing the negativity out of your mind and body!

Photo from Pinterest

1. Pep talk. I literally slap my cheek and say ‘you got this’….because I do. It might take a bit of time and work, but it’ll clear.

2. I vent. Whether it’s to my husband or a friend, I let them know I’m having a bad morning/time and that I just need a space to vent for a few minutes. I let myself share the anger, frustration….all the feels in one giant rant covering everything that made me ____ about the situation. I allow for 5 minutes max, minimal engagement (lol), I let them know I’m done and say thank you.

3. Smile!! This is called behavioural activation. I’m going to share an article that explains this below because it’s SUPER interesting but essentially, when you smile, you are activating parts of your brain associated with positive emotions. The movements you make on your face can affect the signals you send to your brain. Amazing. You might at well do some laughing while you’re at it πŸ˜‰ You can read the article HERE !

4. Cleanse. I use a spray mister with an uplifting scent to spray all around me, I inhale deeply, tighten my whole body and literally, physically shake it off. Wiggle the negativity from your core out your fingers, toes and mouth πŸ™‚ Don’t be afraid to make a little noise, it seriously feels good.

5. Still nothing? Try a form of meditation. Listen to your body and follow what feels good. Sometimes it’s silencing the negative thoughts, anger etc. and focusing on calm and breath. Other times I go hiking.

It happens to the best of us, I feel the older and wiser I get πŸ˜‰ the less patience I have for poor communication, negativity, and a lack of accountability. Nobody’s got time for that shit. But, at the same time, patience or not it’s all around me and never something we can escape. It’s important to understand how your brain works, and how you can go from πŸ™πŸ™„πŸ˜­πŸ€¬ βž‘οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ€—πŸ˜Š. (I’m hoping you can see my emojis).

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Natural Deoderant Reviews!

As some of you know I’ve been on a year long hunt for a natural deoderant that gets me through hikes, workouts and mom life. I’ve tried local brands and some Canadian store brands to see what works best for me.

Everyone is different, so what works for me may be different for you but I hope this gives you a starting point. If you’re a maker and make deoderant please spam me with your products, I’m always happy to try something new! 😊😊

1. I Luv It!

I actually do haha I remember meeting these guys at a market a couple years back and I’m happy I finally tried it out! They have a sensitive/baking soda free version and regular. The scents are great too! I use the sensitive one as my skin needs it.

The one thing I don’t love is the glass tub as apposed to a stick. That being said I use a menchies spoon and it works great! For sanitation, I make sure to clean my spoon after every use. Realistically I feel like this is more sanitary than using a stick over and over haha This one goes on clear and is absorbed easily so no wetness after application.

I’ve had this one since August and am about half way through, definitely a good bang for your buck.

2. Glowing Orchid.

I’ve used this one on and off for years and like it. They have tons of options for size, scent and baking soda free or regular. These do come in a eco friendly stick for convenience. This one is easily absorbed by the skin so you’re not flapping your arms trying to dry out πŸ˜‰

3. Green Beaver Company tea tree oil. I used this one right after a detox and found it kind of worked for the first week and then stopped working after that. It is in a stick which is nice, the casing is plastic though πŸ‘ŽIt rolls on cool and damp feeling and dries on it’s own. Arm flapping may be required.

4. Escents lavender spray. This did not work for me…if I didn’t do anything during the day, I could get away with it but not a go to for me. It did smell lovely, until I started stinking stronger (LOL, sorry). It is also in a plastic spray bottle. πŸ‘Ž don’t rule it out completely, it might work better for you.

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How to Stay on Track Through Summer

Ok ok ok….summer is FINALLY here. Waaa-hooo! It’s easy to sub the gym for sunshine, patios and drinks but like always, there’s a happy balance. You have busted your ass all winter and spring to be healthy, please don’t throw your hard work down the drain. We still need to love and care for our bodies during summer.

I am happy to share some of my tricks for staying on track through summer.

1. Plan plan plan. If you haven’t noticed, I am a planner. I plan everything. On Sunday night, I sit down and look at the weather. If the forecast calls for rain or over 30 degrees, I am more than happy to head indoors for a workout. SO I make sure my classes/workouts happen on those days.

2. If you don’t care so much about the weather, plan around your schedule and tendencies. If you know you do not workout at night…don’t bank on a PM workout. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and get it done in the morning. In all honesty, even 15 minute HIIT will serve you through the day giving you a metabolism boost.

3. Find some classes! If you get stuck with a pain in the ass like me….I won’t let you be lazy. I am here for accountability and the odd guilt trip of I know you are cheating yourself πŸ˜‰

4. Pick active hobbies/activities. Summer is a great time to swim, hike, paddle, or hang in the park playing frisbee or ball. Make your lifestyle active and it will become a habit. It’s easy enough to sneak a couple drinks at the park if you are after some social drinking.

5. Remind yourself why you started. Remind yourself WHY it’s important to eat and drink properly and why you began exercising. If your why doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know…haha.

6. Be happy with where you are, how you look and who you are. Chances are you have come a long way in the last little while. Embrace how much easier it is to hike, workout, drink your water etc. If you know you will be preoccupied, be content maintaining through the summer. This means keeping your consistency and a maintenance fitness plan and maybe allowing a little more balance than normal πŸ˜‰

7. Set a goal! Whether you sign up for a run, fitness competition or set strength/cardio goals to help keep you moving. Make sure it’s something you’re interested in and is doable on your timeline.

8. Pay in advance for your gym membership, classes, that 5km you’ve always wanted to run and let your potential loss fuel your fire.

I hope some of these ideas help you through the summer. Don’t make it to September feeling guilty and uncomfortable. It sucks and it doesn’t serve anyone. The best you can do is learn to love your body, what it can do and make sure you still give it 100% in all the seasons.

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A Few Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight…

I get asked this question all the time….I’m working out all the time, eating clean but not losing weight.

There are so many different answers / responses to this.

First and foremost, I really like to encourage you guys to get over tracking weight. It is just a number. Two people can weight 150lbs and one be healthy as broccoli and the other completely unhealthy. It is just a number. The focus should be on feeling GOOD in your skin, feeling strong, capable, energetic, happy & healthy.

For the sake of comparison, I’ve added 4 photos from different weights of my own. The first is a week ppd at my heaviest but still healthy (healthier than photo #3) and duh…I just had a baby πŸ˜‚ so there are still fluids/water retention/pregnancy weight gain there. The second is now, my ‘goal weight’ post partum and healthiest/strongest. The third is 130 lbs but nowhere near the same muscle as the 4th photo. My weight was the same but you can see how different my body composition is. Weight is just a number.

1. Everyone’s body is different. The less fat you have to lose, the harder you usually have to work. We all respond differently to different types of exercise and it can be a bit of a game to figure out what works best for you!

2. Your weight may stay the same but your body composition is changing. This means your fat percentage may be dropping, your hydration may be changing and you could be gaining muscle. Those can all change drastically with minimal change in weight.

3. Eat enough facking food. I cannot tell you how many times I do the math and discover really crazy deficits in people’s diets. If you are not eating enough, your body bumps into starvation mode, your metabolism slows down to preserve energy….it’s not good. You’ll feel like you have less energy, your muscle won’t grow effectively and you’ll often hold weight. Eat your food! If you’re a squirly eater like me, sometimes picking higher calorie foods (usually healthy fats for me) helps keep you feeling full longer without stuffing your face with large quantities. Along with this, drink your water. Dehydration can cause water retention.

If you’re curious about how many calories you should be eating and what portions of fat/carb/protein you should eat, let me know 😊😊

4. Workout smarter not harder. How you burn calories during workouts is based on your intensity. For me, quick bursts into my peak cardio aka high intensity interval training is most efficient for me. Make sure you are pushing yourself every time you work out….if you’re on your own or in a class…make sure you give yourself the push into uncomfortable. If you need support getting there, let me know πŸ™‹ Im here for you ❀ You dont need to spend hoards of time in the gym. (That’s why I like classes πŸ˜‰), 30-60 minutes is all you need for general health, fat loss etc.

5. Check into any health ailments that might be limiting you. Also look into any medications you are taking. If you’ve checked all the boxes and still nothing, there might be something else going on ❀

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My Favourite Kid Friendly Hikes in the Valley


In an attempt to prep my body for alpine hikes with Maddox, I’ve been dabbling in shorter hikes to condition my body. Here are some of my favourite kid friendly hikes in and around the valley! I tried to compile some great beginner hikes to help inspire you to take your kids outside this summer.

Kids are meant to be outside. Let them explore, get dirty, play and be creative πŸ’šπŸ’š

Mt. Thom

There are a few access points for this one.

From Churchill Parkway this hike is around 15 minutes up. Easy peasy. It’s a short, well travelled trail up the back side of mount Thom.

From Ross Rd. This hike is around 30-45 minutes. It meets up with the regular trail around the 3/4 mark.

Sylvan Dr. Is basically the full deal. This took me around 1.25 hrs while I was pregnant. I believe it’s around 5km round trip.

They all meet at the top for stunning views 😍

Community Forest 🌲🌲

There are hoards of trails in this park and they are beauuutiful! I can comment on the Pixel (?) Trail..shamefully I forget the name despite seeing it around 7 times on signs. I’m close enough you’ll get on the right trail. This is a 1.5 km loop with a couple great side trails!

The only downside is the shared trails, be mindful off mountain bikers and off leash dogs.

Lindeman Lake

Classic. This trail has some steep sections but tons of rocks for jumping πŸ˜‰ it is a short hike (we’re under an hour to the lake) and worth the bit of sweat. You have the option to walk an additional 15 minutes past the main beach to a more private area on the rocks. This is our favourite spot for jumping in and swimming!

Bosumarne Falls

This quick 1.5 km hike goes through an old cut block up Chilliwack Lake rd. It winds into the forest after around 15 minutes passing a tee pee, the lower falls and lush greenery. The upper falls are a perfect place to cool off or have a snack.

Flood Hope Falls

A little outside of Chilliwack but one of my favourite quickie waterfalls. We’ve done it a lot lately. This takes around 20 minutes each way! The forest is SO lush and green…its beautiful!

Bridal falls

Another quick set of falls. We usually do these on the way home from Flood Hope Falls! The Woodland trail is around 20 minutes to the viewing platform. Another 5 – 10 with kids if you want to get right to the falls for a shower πŸ˜‰

Steelhead Falls

This hike is in Mission! It is approximately 20 minutes each way with the opportunity to lengthen on the Reservoir trail. We are SO lucky to get to enjoy the beautiful rainforest in so many areas 😍

If you click the link above ignore the ‘closed’ its now open πŸ™‚

Golden Ears Lower Falls

This is a MR classic. This hike takes an hour each way and has some gentle rolling hills. It walks along the river offering amazing mountain views on route to the falls. The dense canopy cover makes this a cooler option on hot days!

Hozomeen lake

Ok this one is longer but 100% worth it. I’m hoping to return this year. Last time we went I mistook miles for kilometers and we were under prepared and racing against daylight πŸ˜‚ oops. So its 12 km total with minimal elevation gain. The trailhead is located in the Skagit Valley near the border! You can find the trail report HERE.

Falls Lake

This one is up the Coquihalla. It’s a great stop to stretch your legs or go for a swim! It’s 3km round trip so it doesn’t take much time and is perfect for small kids!

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Clean Summer BCAA Cocktails or Mocktails 2.0

Hey guys!

The weather is warming up, we’re spending more time outside, at the beach and on patios. We’re all adults, we know the negatives of drinking alcohol blah blah blah…I don’t need to tell you. However, if you like to enjoy a drink or two, here are a few low calorie, low sugar solutions using your BCAAs.

Hard Iced Tea.

  • Ice
  • Water
  • 1 scoop Mutant Sweet Tea BCAA
  • 1 fl oz. vodka
  • Option: add muttled raspberries, lemon or lime.

Combine ingredients and shake!

Hard Lemonade

  • Ice
  • Water (or 1/2 water and 1/2 soda water)
  • 1 fl oz. Vodka
  • 1 scoop Mutant Roadside Lemonade
  • Add lemons or strawberries.

Combine Ingredients and shake!


  • 1 part Cazadores Tequila
  • Β½ part triple sec liqueur
  • 1 scoop Allmax key lime BCAAs
  • Soda or water
  • Lime wedge

Combine ingredients and shake! Rim your glass with lime πŸ™‚

Vodka Refresher

  • 1 orange
  • 1 shot vodka
  • Soda

Cut orange in half. Squeeze 1/2 of the juice into a glass. Cut the other half into slices and set aside. Add vodka and top with soda. Garnish with a wedge.

Grapefruit Gin

  • 1 Grapefruit
  • 1 shot of gin
  • Soda
  • Rosemary (optional)

Cut Grapefruit in half. Squeeze 1/2 of the juice into a glass. Add rosemary and muttle. Cut other half of fruit into wedges. Add Gin and top with soda. Garnish with a wedge and rosemary.


  • Fresh Mint leaves
  • White rum
  • Line cordial/lime juice
  • Soda

Muttle leaves in a glass with lime juice. Add soda and rum. Garnish with lime wedge and/or mint.

As I sample more flavors Ill be adding more through summer 🌞🌞 Enjoy and let me know how they go!

If you are adding alcohol please be mindful of your consumption and drink responsibly ❀