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Online Bootcamp

Are you ready to push your limits? If you’re looking to improve your body composition, gain strength/muscle, lose fat and improve your cardio join us for online bootcamp! We have an amazing community of women all sharing similar goals!

For September I will be sharing 3 new workout videos weekly. Wee will workout live on Tuesday for accountability and facetime 😉 Thursday will be recorded and Friday will rotate:) These workouts are a combination of strength training and cardio. We like to mix it up with tabata, 500s, 1000s and more! I know I know…you’re saying Emily, I can’t do 1000 reps….but you CAN, you just don’t know it yet. Use this fall to push yourself, 30 minutes a few times a week.

You can complete these workouts from anywhere so you have no excuses, as long as you have wifi.

The cost is $32/month for September.

You will need a set of dumbells and a loop band is recommended.

To register please etransfer your fees to and message/email me to let me know!

Outdoor Bootcamp