Online Training

Are you tired of setting goals and giving up before you’ve started? Or not seeing the results you hoped. Maybe the gym is overwhelming and you’re tired of feeling lost or dizorganized….there are SO many pieces of equipment. If you’ve felt one of those things or maybe something similar, it’s time to consider online training! I offer two options for working together. Online programming and also online programming & coaching.

1. Online Programming 

Between your crazy schedule and mine, online training offers a chance for the busy bee to stay organized with their workouts and stay accountable with the help of a trainer. Each online workout is catered to your needs and goals. My user friendly software allows you to print your workouts or keep them in a mobile friendly PDF so you can take me with you anywhere! 😉

I can write you kickass workouts for the gym, home or outside…whatever your preference may be. You will also be added to our online community group to stay motivated and inspired by others on the same path.

There are TWO options for this.

1. A single workout (45$). These are usually whole body unless you would like something specific. It is catered to your goals and recommended if you’re working out 3 or less days each week. It is recommended to update your program every 4-6 weeks to avoid plateauing.

2. A split program (70$)! This is designed for 3+ workout days each week. I divide your workout into different muscle groups to ensure each group is getting the appropriate amount of recovery time so you don’t burn out and stunt your progress. Alternatively, your split could include a cardio day, weights, flexibility etc. It is recommended to update your program every 4-6 weeks to avoid plateauing.

These options are perfect for someone motivated with at least a basic knowledge of equipment and form. This option follows the Coaching program perfectly!

Below you can view a sample program. Each workout comes with both visual and written aid to create a user friendly, easy to use template.

2. Online Programming & Coaching 

This is the deluxe package (200$). This program is designed for a 6 week period. It includes goal setting and mindset coaching, 3-5 different workouts, workout schedule, nutritional support and basic guidance/planning, live chats and checkins. The programming portion of this package is the same as the split program above. You will receive 3-5 personalized workouts. The coaching offers goal setting/coaching, setting intentions and mindset training, video chat covering safe form and FITT, basic nutrition support and accountability via video chat or phone calls/texts. I am here to support every step of the way over the 6 weeks. This is a perfect package to start with.

Please take a minute and fill out my online intake form so I can get to know you and your needs a little better.

You can find the form HERE

Please note that you are expected to pay and sign a waiver before you receive your workout(s). For your convenience, you can pay via etransfer or using Paypal!