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Essential oil blends for your practice and home.

Ritual’s Earthy tones are designed to help clear energy in your home or self. Sage eases the mind, helping clear anxiety, depression and emotional tension. Lavender helps activate the heart chakra, creating balance. It also acts to regulate the nervous system calming the body and working to raise your vibrations. Lemon works to purify the air and body while Cedarwood elevates and grounds the mind.

Goddess will help you unleash your beautiful self with a sweet, floral aroma. Palmarosa is a stimulant for the nervous system and digestion helping the body. Sweet orange has an uplifting effect on the mind, acting as a tonic to the lymphatic system. Rose is known as a female tonic, acting as an aphrodisiac it calms the mind and eases emotional discomfort. It helps connect you to self.  Neroli activates the heart chakra, helping aid grief, nervous tension, fear. This blend is the perfect match to activate the heart chakra and inspire love and acceptance.

Laundry pairs perfect with dryer balls for a fresh, citrus scent. It’s safe for the whole family. Cedarwood, Grapefruit and Sweet orange act as an anti-bacterial, helping clean your laundry in the dryer, freshening it up! This synergy has an uplifting aroma.

Liquid energy provides the perfect pick me up! Lime and Sweet Orange are uplifting oils, stimulating the lymphatic and digestive systems. Sweet Orange helps to relieve constipation, indigestion and fluid retention. Grapefruit is a tonic for the lymphatic system. It improves digestion and is an anti-depressant. Bergamot is also an uplifting oil (shocking, I know). It works to restore appetite by improving digestion. It has an uplifting effect on the brain. If you need a blend to get your body moving, this is the one!

Meditate will help you focus and find tranquility for your practice. Due to its chemistry, Howood is known as a peaceful oil. It smells similar to Rosewood oil and has a calming affect on the mind. Chamomile has a balancing, calming affect, helping you focus on your practice. Lavender is an energizing tonic, regulating the nervous system, calming heart nerves and activating the heart chakra. This blend works wonders to improve mindfulness and connect to self through your practice.

Calm is sweet and uplifting. Designed to ease anxiety and assist depression. Sweet orange acts as an anti-depressant, having an uplifting affect on the mind. Chamomile has a calming affect on all systems. It is balancing and calming to the mind. The remaining blend offers a warm, sweet note to help relax the nervous system and mind.

All blends are made with pure, natural essential oils with the exception or Rose which is not an absolute. If you prefer this, please let me know and I can adjust. Please note this will change the cost. Please ensure you combine with a carrier oil before applying to skin.


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