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Dry shampoo! I can’t live without it but I hate the chemicals from popular arisol products. Never tried it? Our dry shampoo is designed to absorb excess oils from your scalp. This powder is light, soft, and absorbent – all of which helps it absorb excess oil leaving hair feeling soft. Colloidal oatmeal powder relieves any irritation on your scalp. It also improves hair elasticity and moisturizes. We also use a blend of very fine, all natural clays to absorb excess oil from scalp.

This is a white powder but can be combined with cocoa for dark hair if you’d like.

It is lightly scented with pure, all natural essential oils. There are two options:

Lavender or
Tea Tree Mint.

Lavender works well for a dry scalp, calming any itch or discomfort. It is also a balancing oil. It offers a soft, relaxing aroma.

Tea Tree Mint works well for someone with dandruff as it has strong anti bacterial and cleansing properties. It offers a strong, refreshing aroma.

Our dry shampoo is propane, butane & Isobutane free and free of talc, Phenoxyethanol, Cetrimonium Chloride, alcohol, Siloxane, Silicones & Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane and free of fragrance oils.


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