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Finally one for the boys!

This blend is here to not only help you balance your hormones but to help you feel yourself a little šŸ˜‰ Go through your day with confidence, Handsome. You deserve to feel good.

Clary Sage acts as an antidepressant improving anxiety and depression. If you can believe it, both men and women have testosterone, progesterone and estrogen in our bodies amongst other hormones. Clary Sage can have the same effect on a person’s body as estrogen, which comes in handy when you find your supply starting to become scarce. Not only does it copy the effects of estrogen, Clay Sage regulates production. It also works great to help reduce stress, thus reducing cortisol and returning other hormones back to balance! Sandalwood is the oil of oils for men. Not only is the aroma amazing, Sandalwood has shown to balance testosterone in men and women. It also works as a sedative aiding depression & stress by easing anxiety and cortisol levels. Some research has also shown an increase in sex drive after inhaling Sandalwood.

This blend also contains Black Pepper for a little spice. This oil also carries aphrodisiac properties and worms great for fatigue, muscle tone and circulation. This works great to help ease aches and pains. Neroli nurtures your heart chakra. It’s warm notes ease nervous tension, fear and acts as an antidepressant. Together this blend has a warm woodsy scent. Subtle under cologne or on it’s own for a light scent.   

Note: Clary Sage has highly sedative properties so be mindful while drinking. It can actually contribute to a “drunk feeling”.


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