Muscle Recovery | Essential Oil Roll-on for sore & tired muscles


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Have you been hitting it hard at the gym lately? Or kicking some a$$ in summer sports? Summiting some mountains? Crushing it at your desk job? With the sweet victories come sore muscles. I suffer from serious DOMS, like the pug on the floor in the leg day memes….that’s me. I am the hiking, biking, swimming, paddling, working out chick who’s muscles are ALWAYS sore. Muscle recovery is designed for chicks like me (or guys too!), the ones out there getting it! Or the diligent worker in the car and at a desk a lot, or the aging adult who’s body ‘isn’t what it used to be’.

This blend is a combination of oils to offer both anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Apply to sore muscles and massage into skin for best results. Marjoram works as a vasodilator, helping open blood vessels improving blood flow. It also acts as an analgesic drug, relieving pain naturally. Lavender has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Basil acts as an analgesic and antispasmodic.


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