Pucker Up | Hydrating Lip Balm | Plastic & Paper


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Look no further! This moisturizing lip balm is perfect for Spring & Summer. No need to apply repeatedly, this balm keeps working long after you apply it. The coconut oil, Almond oil and shea butter all offer natural SPF keeping your lips safe from the sun. The Beeswax acts to repel water creating a water repellent, making this a long lasting balm.

Plastic: These are in a 4.5 ml tube and last 1-2 months with regular use.


This tube is paperboard, lined with plant based wax paper that is oil resistant! AMAZING. Considering this, please do not leave your balm in direct sun or heat. These tubes are 9ml which is twice the size of our regular tubes. This should last 2+ months with regular use.


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