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Quick shoulder blast

Happy Monday!

So I had good intentions on uploading this to instagram but once I got the video from gopro to phone I realized how shitty the quality was during the transfer. My instagram husband is gone so I’m stuck using the remote. On the camera the light looked perfect, on here not so much. SO I apologize for how bad the video Is, but the shoulder pump is good and that’s what counts right 😉

Warm up the shoulders first with a light plate and some shoulder raises. 

1. Single arm DB woodchop
2. Straight arm cable pull
3. 90 degree delt raise (if we train together…barbie arms)
4. Squat thruster
5. Rear delt fly

Complete 3 sets of 12-15 reps 

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Snow Day Home Workout

Hey everyone!

If you’re trapped inside during snowmageddon 2017, this workout is the perfect way to get moving inside. You don’t need any equipment, just a little bit of room 🙂

You can do each exercise in a timed circuit, or perform each one for 3 sets, 12-15 reps 🙂

please rememeber to warm up the body before beginnning this workout and check with your healthcare provider before begining new exeecises. Hillside Fitness is released of any liability.

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9 Kettlebell Exercises to Work Your Body From Head to Toe

*drumrolllllll* as promised I have put together 9 of my favourite Kettlebell Exercises for one killer workout 😊 Not only will these exercises get your heart pumping, they work to effectively strengthen the muscles and improve endurance.

These compact weights are also great for functional workouts…these are the workouts that (over time) make daily activities easier!

Before exercising please remember to warm up properly and consult with your doctor before starting a new fitness plan.

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Outdoor Park Workout

The weather is a little deceiving these days in the PNW. The beautiful sunshine draws you out, but the frigid wind chill blows you under a blanket by the fire.

I love spending time outside and with the proper attire and exercise I can embrace the winter. This easy bench workout blends perfectly with a nice winter walk 🙂 Not only is it a great whole body workout, it’ll definitely get your heart pumpin and warm you up on the spot!

1. Side plank to STARFISH.

2. Side step up. Bring that knee up to your chest

3. Tricep dip, keep your elbows tucked and inline with your wrists and shoulders.

4. Squat jump! If your balance isn’t there, step up into squat 🙂

5. Push up!

6. Front step or stair run! Get that HR up!

*as always please remember to be safe and listen to your body. Don’t jump right in without warming up your body 🙂