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Wheatgrass Love 

Hey guys!!

So I’ve been making an effort to mix more smoothies into my diet as a morning snack. On days where I’m wildly running errands I’ve occassionally stopped into Booster Juice to get one made for me. 

My local store advertises wheat grass, which was a new concept for me as I don’t usually dive into superfood fads. I told myself I would do some research later to get the details on the grass. I did and a couple days later I saw wheat grass plants on sale at the grocery store. It was meant to be. I decided to buy a plant and try it out. I have had my plant less than a week, indoors during a BC winter and am getting close to a second cut. This stuff grows like a WEED…it’s awesome and exciting. 

I am trying different means of drying to make a powder so I’ll keep you posted on my reviews for that but for now I’ll share what I have learned 😊🌿

Wheatgrass offers numerous health benefits (as all superfood fads do). 

It is high in chlorophyll which carries high levels of oxygen, helping oxyginate the blood. Increasing the oxygen has shown to also increase red blood cell production which assists in the recovery from disease and other ailments. 

Wheatgrass also helps neutralize toxins and pollutants in the body. It contains different enzymes that help protect against carcinogens. 

It is packed with vitamins and minerals such as iron, A, B-complex, C, E, I and K. It also contains 17 amino acids.  

There are so many other benefits but these are some of my favourite. Some studies suggest 1 ounce of juice equals 2 lbs of produce so you’d be silly not to try it. 

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5 minutes to a stronger core

Hey everyone!

As promised I have put together five of my favourite core exercises. You can run it through once at one set, fifteen reps OR you can lengthen it and do three sets and fifteen reps.

I have uploaded a quick video to YouTube that you can watch HERE to see each exercise in motion. Please ignore my camera presence…I’m working on not getting flustered and forgetting what I’m talking about hah

please, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment or ask 🙂


Single leg toe touch. Remember to keep you neck neutral, chin up, and shoulders off the mat.
Slow assisted crunch. Place your feet firmly on the ground, and place your hands comfortably on the back of your legs. Slowly lower your back to the mat, and lift back up to sitting.
Dolphin plank! Make sure your bum stays flat and your back neutral. You have the option to switch to high plank, and repeat OR hold in this position.
High plank:  keep your spine neutral, elbows straight but not locked. Option to rotate with dolphin plank.
Single leg bicycle crunch. Hold your hands by your head and reach your elbow towards your opposite knee. Keep that knee up and lower the shoulders to the ground and repeat.
Side plank. Option to lift the top hand (as I have). To make this move even harder, try pulsing the hips from straight (as I am), to dropped just above the mat. Keep the spine neutral and the shoulders and hips stacked.



* note: Hillsid Fitness releases itself and staff of any liabilities. It is recommended that you seek a physician before starting a new fitness program or new exercises.