Balancing the Heart Chakra

Our Heart Chakra acts as a bridge between our lower and upper chakras (or our physical and spiritual energies). Our heart houses our lungs/respiratory system, heart, arms and hands.

When misaligned we can experience poor circulation, high or low blood pressure, heart or lung condition. Blocked energy can have a profound effect on our mind mental state and result in problematic issues such as co-dependency, lack of empathy, jealousy, people pleasing, withdraw, restlessness and difficulty trusting.

When we balance this chakra, we will feel and attract more love. Things like compassion, joy, empathy and love will come easy for you. The heart chakra helps us see the beauty around us and supports and strengthens positive relationships.

What a difference hey? As our energy is ever changing as we move through the day, it is important to become aware of these physical and emotional signs so that we can notice the changes and take steps to balance our energy.

Some ways to do that are through colour therapy, meditation, reiki, mudras, nature therapy, sound or affirmations. If you’d like to try sound therapy, head to the singing bowls page and listen to a quick heart chakra track. The colour for the heart chakra is green. Crystals vibrating with heart energy include malachite (one of my favourites), rose quartz, aventurine, jade, emerald and so many more.

To affirm you can try…

I fully love and embrace who I am, even as I continue to grow.

I am vibrating positive, loving energy and I attract the same.

I am a beacon of love in my community, work and personal life.

I lovingly see others success and celebrate with others