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Packing Your Hospital Bag!

What’s in your hospital bag? This is one of the exciting parts of preparing for your new addition. It means it’s almost time!

I always see this question online and intended on blogging it for Maddox. My pregnancy came to an unexpected halt and I packed my back 30 minutes before driving to the hospital…oops! This time, I’m a little more on top of it.

It’s like packing for vacation, always hard to plan for the unknown. Ideally, we all want to plan for a few comfort items for the afternoon or an overnight in the hospital. Based on my last experience, this doesn’t always work and you need to be comfortable up to a few nights.

When I packed my bag this time, I asked myself a few different question.

What am I packing for? I am packing for a breech delivery that may end up in a c section, which could leave me in the hospital for a couple nights.

What do I need to deliver comfortably and what will keep me focused?

Calm spray/lavender spray

• Enough Pillows

• Iced water

• Slippers if I need to walk around

• Tissues (I bring my own, hospital ones are so rough).

• Scrunchie

Lip balm

• Cup with a lid and straw. I use my Starbucks cold tumbler 🙂

Other suggestions are a ball, music (I might try music this time) TENS machine, personal belongings/items, picture for meditation/breathing.

What do I need to get a good nights sleep?

• My own pillow

• Fuzzy blanket

• Eye mask

• Essential Oils

• Water bottle for cold water (I’m weirdly temperature specific)

What do I need post delivery?

• Shower items (soap, shampoo, sandles, cloth)

• Hair dryer, moisturizer, toothbrush, chapstick, perineal healing spray.

• Iced water, electrolytes, food!

• Clean clothes (dresses/rompers/high rise or maturnity tights work best for me)

• PJs with a button down front for easy nursing

• Socks, nursing bra, comfortable panties (I didn’t need more than a regular pad last time so regular panties worked perfect. I liked full bum, seamless). You will get the lovely hospital mesh ones. Use them! They’re great when needed 💗

• TOILET PAPER. Seriously, you don’t need to share with everyone but your yoohoo will thank you after a vaginal delivery.

• Nipple shield. There’s mixed thoughts on these but I found they saved me while we were learning. Last time, my milk didn’t come in right away but we still practiced latching and encouraged it to come.

What I discovered last time was getting clean/freshened up and being comfortable made a HUGE difference for me. I made sure to maintain as close to my regular routine as possible so that even when things are burning, throbbing, over all uncomfortable I felt good in my skin 🙂

Everyone is always different when it comes to lists like this. I think the most important part is to ask yourself a few questions to guide your packing and then to write down the items.

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Pregnancy weight gain

Ok ok ok, I am 3 weeks behind on posting this 🙈 it’s shameful I know and I have zero excuses for you. I found this topic really interesting as I went through my prenatal fitness course and wanted to talk a little about it. There is often a lot of misconception on pregnancy and how we treat the body. There are SO many common ‘myths’ about eating for two, craving/eating what ‘the baby wants’ and they’re all lies! 

The SOGC/CSEP (society of obstetricians and gynecologists/Canadian society for exercise physiology) use BMI categories to determine the approximate weight gain based on your current weight/height/gender. Now I’m not a huge fan of the BMI but I do appreciate the guidelines they offer in this case. 

If you are unfamiliar with the BMI it follows these 4 categories. I have added the pregnancy weight gain for comparison 😊

BMI <18 -weight gain: 15-25lbs

BMI 18.5-24.9 -weight gain: 25-35lbs

BMI 25-29.9 -weight gain: 15-25lbs

BMI >\=30 -weight gain: 11-20 lbs

Now these numbers aren’t exact science. Everybody’s body is different and let’s be honest, when you move through the different stages of pregnancy it can be hard to maintain a lean clean diet all the time. That being said it does offer an aspirational guideline if you move through this from the first trimester. If you’re nearing the end and have exceeded this recommendation, don’t worry about it now and definitely don’t try to undo 😊 Pregnancy needs fitness maintenance and healthy eating. 

To break it down further, 

The average newborn baby is 8lbs. 

Placenta: 2-3lb

Increased blood supply: 4lbs

Large uterus: 2-5lbs

Amniotic fluid: 2-3lb

Increased breast tissue: 2-3lb 

Stored fat: 5-9lbs 

This totals at around 25-30lbs of baby required weight at full term. 

If you’re like me and typically eat a lean and low calorie diet, watching calories can also be more important. In the first trimester baby is so tiny calories don’t matter. As you move into the second and third trimester, baby’s needs become a little higher and they may require more calories for healthy growth and function. It is recommended women increase their calories by 300 in the second trimester and around 500 in the third trimester. This is an easy extra snack or two. Keep in mind these need to be healthy calories to ensure your growing baby gets all the nutrients they need for proper development. 😊 

I am a firm believer that we are in control of our bodies and there are a lot of things we can do to improve our pregnancy experience. Some call it luck that I’ve made it 34 weeks with no cravings, sickness and only healthy weight gain, but it’s not luck. I stacked the cards in my deck to try and create the best outcome. I don’t cave to ‘cravings’, I worked out through the bit of sickness I had and I eat well! I treat my body as if I am as capable as I was before pregnancy. I think a strong mind contributes to a strong body and I don’t let people do things for me (within reason). I am not a delicate flower, I am strong and capable and I treat myself that way 💕 always know your strength! You will need it soon 😊

Following these guidelines not only ensure personal health, but encourage the development of a happy, healthy baby. 😊 if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! 

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Blog Fails & Pregnancy Update

If you know me you know I start things with the best of intentions. You also know that sometimes I shit the bed, blogging is one of those things. I’m not a natural personal ‘sharer’ which I think is part of my issue, but on the flip side I love to learn and connect. 

I started my mommy blog as a personal diary through my pregnancy and with hopes of sharing some struggle and learnings as I go. My absence is not due to there being no struggle or learning, I just forget 😂

My pregnancy is speeding along, I’m at 25 weeks now. That means only 15 weeks left which BLOWS my mind. I redid the math on a calculator because I really didn’t believe my mom brain was doing the math properly. But that is real. And really exciting. 

I’ve been pretty fortunate in that my only real symptoms are outrageous heartburn and elevated RLS episodes. Other than that baby M is healthy and happy inside. I’ve been trying everything to reduce my RLS symptoms which I will be blogging about hopefully this weekend. I think I am finally seeing some positive results 😊 As for heartburn….I always read about moms popping tums, (real talk alert) but nobody mentions how constipation you end up if you go that route 😂 SO I’ve been trying some natural solutions in hopes of some better results. 

There are SO many things to be read about pregnancy on the internet, it takes a lot of time to really figure out what works best for your own body. 

Anyone, I am currently getting kicked out of the tub to go to a movie with Nic, so that’ll be the end of my update. I will be sharing soon about some healthy ways to reduce some symptoms of RLS and heartburn