Seven Day Morning Check In and 5 Minute Journal Kindle Download

Click the link to download the Kindle printable for my Seven day Morning Check In and 5 minute journal. This mini journal offers 7 daily check ins and 7 daily journal logs to start your day !

Chakra Workbook

Explore the seven chakra energy centers with this workbook. Have you heard about the chakras or subtle body and are not sure what it means, why it matters or how they work? This Workbook is for you. This digital download is sent immediately at the time of purchase and offers 27 pages of information and tools.

This workbook starts with an explanation of the subtle body and the seven chakras followed by 7 colour coded sections covering the need to know information about each Chakra. This workbook teaches you how to identify balanced, unbalanced, blocked or unblocked chakras and provides tools to support balanced open chakras for energy to free flow. Think of unkinking a hose.

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Spiritual Self Care

Spiritual self-care is an important facet of care. Spiritual self-care nurtures and nourishes our core, true being and connects our physical self with our higher self. By investing time into our spiritual body, we connect with an activate our ancient wisdom and most empowered self.

Spend time in ritual and practice to nurture this part of yourself that may otherwise be left untouched.

Habit Tracker

By setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic goals on a timeline that suites your life you can magnify your manifestations and create the life you desire and deserve.

By tracking our goals we can create small steps for big outcomes! What goals can you focus on NOW to create the result you want in the future? I like to focus on body, mind and spirit to ensure all aspects of my life are covered and flowing. This breaks down into goals that focus on my physical body, materialistic needs, spiritual body and psychological needs for overall wellbeing and goodness.

Try this Habit tracker to start focusing on NOW.

Brain Dump

Life can become overwhelming when we let too many thoughts, ideas, memories and emotions take space in our mind. By practicing a regular brain dump, we can free ourselves of this chatter and begin to organize and acknowledge some things that no longer serve us. Practicing a brain dump can also bring new ideas and positivity to the forefront!

How could you use a brain dump?