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MWC is a wellness collective designed to help you optimize your body through improved health & fitness. We specialize in online fitness and aromatherapy catering to both men and women. We offer consultations and programs as well as an amazing line of specialized, organic aromatherapy products. I am a seasoned personal trainer (going on 10 years) and am currently completing my certification for aromatherapy!

Since a child, I have always been drawn to nature and simplicity. I grew up in a crunchy home and was always the kid with apples and Nature Valley granola bars at school (much to my dismay back then). It took me until my teens to appreciate a natural lifestyle and I have felt drawn to promoting Clean, healthy living ever since! 

Why choose me?


In a sea of businesses it can be hard to pick one, I get it. It can be hard to make the commitment and trust a stranger to put your intentions into motion. To me, it’s important that our objectives align. If you’re not motivated to put the time in, I can’t make magic happen. If you’re willing to hustle on your own time and with me, then we’re in business. I focus on more than just your physique. I want you to feel strong mentally and physically. I want to encourage and promote BALANCE between nutrition and fitness. Our workouts are ALWAYS different because our body’s are always changing and I am here to support you around the clock because I care and I want to see you succeed 💜 If you’re willing to work hard, I will work hard with you 🙂 

My goal is to create an energizing, comfortable, fun space where people can feel great about themselves. My goal is to empower everyone I work with and provide them with the tools to live their happiest, healthiest life. I want to help you LOVE your body and get fit for life! Making lifestyle changes doesn’t need to be boring, if you don’t like it…you won’t do it. I get it. I’m that way too. I truly believe life is meant to enjoy and have FUN so let’s figure out what that looks like for you 🙂

That’s me for now! Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little about me! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me to chat 🙂

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